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Self-titled EP.

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released October 29, 2013

Recorded at AMH Studios in September.
Produced/mixed/mastered by Aaron Michael Harvey.
Album art by Amanda Huerta.



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evident San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: It Never Goes Away
A setting sun , and rising stars, falling tears, and a broken heart; I'm sorry.
You don't understand, you think you've got me figured out.
Everyday, it never goes away, it just stays there, it eats me up, bit by bit until I'm gone.
Maybe I hated you, maybe I had enough, but I swear I didn't mean all of those things I've done.
The very pain you cause doesn't go away, it just stays and eats you away until the day you forget how to feel.
You don't understand me, you'll never figure me out.
Track Name: It's Over
I never thought that I'd be driving home all alone.
Smoking my last cigarettes and making out my final thoughts.
Can you see me? I'm right in front of you.
What am I doing? What am I proving?
What am I doing?
Track Name: How Long?
And through everything that I've been through, I still ask why.
But if I didn't, I'd be left with suspense and still asking why.
Do you know just how long it takes for me to see you for who you really are?
Now that you know;
It's what I want, it's what I need.
Do you know just how long it takes for me to see you for who you really are?
What I really want is what I really need.
Track Name: Time
Time flew by, I only blinked my eyes, and isn't it sad how love dies?
Every second is passing me by, and every second without you kills me inside.
I turned back the hands on a clock, but I can never fix my past.
Where did the time go? Will I ever see you?
All I can do is stare at the clock, and listen to it tick and tock.
I've made mistakes; if only I could go back and heal the pain.
I wish I could go back, but there's no going back.
Where does the time go? Will I ever see you?